Matt Klette was raised along the Kentucky Bourbon trail. Whiskey was always prevalent in his life, but he found his calling working at bars while attending The University of Kentucky.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor, it became apparent that cocktails and bars were not going anywhere in his life. After cutting his teeth and learning from some of the top mentors in the cocktail world, Matt eventually created his own consulting company. Offering everything from bar design to spirits classes, Matt traveled the country focusing on small companies that didn’t have the funds to pay for the bigger names in the field.

It is Matt’s belief that creating a national cocktail culture is all about starting from the ground up. He is very excited to bring his unique set of skills and passion to the Redemption team.

Natalie Mauser-Carter

Natalie Mauser-Carter is always up for an adventure. Her early career lead her to study Russian in St. Petersburg, au pair in France, and teach English in a small town in Bosnia. It was in these places that she forged her belief that food and drink are intimately tied to culture yielding a lifelong obsession with brandy and Camembert. Her next obsession – bourbon. Bourbon was appealing with its own sense of place and historical context. And to be frank, Natalie felt empowered as a woman among mostly male counterparts to drink whiskey neat.

For over ten years, Natalie deepened her spirits knowledge and passion for the industry in bars across the Midwest. When she moved to Austin, TX, she joined the award-winning bar program, where she crafted menus, mentored bartenders, and developed innovative programming. Her creativity also led her to compete in several national cocktail competitions. Natalie’s excited to bring her passion for story-telling and education to Redemption…and she still drinks her whiskey neat.